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Dental crowns

Treatment Description:

What is a dental Crown?

Crowns are one of the solutions commonly used in dentistry. If a crown of the tooth is damaged or has too many fillings and is not suitable for a thin veneer, an ideal solution is a crown.

When Crowns are needed?

A Crown is the optimum solution in many cases, for example when:

- teeth are weakened by large fillings
- fillings in your teeth are discolored and a crown can improve the appearance of your teeth
- to protect root canal treated teeth
- in case of an accident which destroyed your own teeth
- as a pillar in a dental bridge




What are Crowns made of?

Crowns are made of many different materials, for example:

- porcelain crown on the metal base (the most common type of crown)
- ceramic crown - used most often in the front teeth. If properly executed, it is difficult to distinguish it from natural teeth. It looks very natural.
- porcelain crown on the gold base - the crown is very durable and biocompatible
- ceramic crown on the titanium base - aesthetic and very durable,it is used mostly together with implants

How will me tooth be prepared for the Crown?

The shape of the tooth is carefully matched to the crown. This means grinding the tooth so that it becomes a strong stem. Impressions are taken of the upper and lower jaws, which are then transmitted to dental technician, along with other information needed for the Crown.

Is the treatment painful?

No. The preparation of the tooth is performed under local anesthesia. If the nerves have been removed from the tooth, a local anesthetic may not be necessary.

How durable are Crowns?

Durability of a crown depends on how we care for it. Crown itself can not be destroyed by decay, but decay can occur at the connection between the Crown and the natural tooth. This area should be kept clean.

Treatment Time:

First Visit: The tooth is prepared (grinding) and the impressions are taken for the new crown. The dentist will also match the right color of the Crown. Temporary Crown is installed.

Second Visit: Permanent Crown is installed.