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Bone Reconstruction

Bone Reconstruction

Treatment Description:

Bone reconstruction is one of the most important and the most advanced procedure associated with implants. Adequate quantity and quality of the bone surrounding the implants is a prerequisite for obtaining the desired aesthetic effect and proper long-term functioning of the Implants. Most bone regeneration procedures are carried out simultaneously with the Implantation, thanks to which the patient does not need to undergo any further treatments.

Why do I need the Bone Reconstruction?

Many patients do not have enough bone structure to safely enter a Implant. This is due to the fact that, after tooth extraction, the bone undergoes remodeling and significant atrophy. Another reason is connected with very difficult tooth extractions, during which there may occur loss of the bone as well as in case of accidents.

An implant must be surrounded by bone tissue, which is a prerequisite for success in implant treatment.

Treatment Time:

The Bone Reconstruction in Kiev is carried out during one visit. The patient needs to wait 4-6 months for the Implantation so that the artificial bone joins with the natural one.