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Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings

Treatment Description:

What is a dental filling?

Dental filling in Kiev is nothing but a filling of a cavity caused by caries. Before putting the filling, of course, all diseased tissues need to be removed to stop the development of caries.

What is the difference between the composite and amalgam fillings?

Amalgam has a high mechanical strength and is very durable. Many people are discouraged because of its striking color. Amalgam, being a good conductor of heat and cold, creates a possibility of leakage and, consequently, a greater likelihood of secondary caries. Dark color makes it difficult to observe the developing caries.

Composite fillings, better connect with the tooth tissue and better mimic the natural color of the teeth. There is also light equalizer, which is used between the layers of filling. Thanks to this, a tooth has a natural gleam, because composite fillings are matte, and so they do not look natural.




How does the treatment look like?

The treatment is quite simple and involves only to steps: preparation of the tooth for the filling (cleaning from the caries) and filling the cavity.

What is Onlay and Inlay filling?

These are fillings prepared on patient's individual orders. They are fixed with cement. Prior to the execution of such a filling, taking impressions is necessary. Then, the impressions are imprinted in a special wax, and then a cast from a suitable material is made.

Treatment Time:

30-45 min