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Treatment Description:

What are the kinds of Dentures?

There are two types of dentures: removable and permanent dentures. The removable ones can be removed from the mouth, and the permanent dentures are attached to implants or patient's own teeth, and cannot be removed.

Skeleton Dentures are performed in case of dental deficiencies which are too extensive to be completed with a bridge. The main part of the Denture  is equipped with a metal frame clamps that hold the prosthesis. The metal part is so thin and reduced that it does not bother the user.

Another type of removable dentures are overdentures and partial or complete stable denture. The main drawback of the latter is their weaker adhesion to the substrate, and thus worse holding in the mouth. Unfortunately only expensive implants are an alternative here.

Will I get used to my new Denture?

A new prosthesis can cause a strange sensation or discomfort in the first few weeks or even months. There may also be little irritation or soreness. In the case of mucous membrane irritation, contact your dentist.




Will the Denture in Kiev change my way of speaking?

It should not, however, you may have difficulty with pronunciation some words at the beginning. You should learn to pronounce them correctly by practicing and reading aloud.

Should I use a Denture fixative?

The Denture fixative should not be necessary, cause a well performed Denture fits the mouth. Denture may become a bit loose with time and than you can you the fixative to make it more stable, however, it is not a long-term solution. A loose Denture should be removed and fixed od replaced.

For how long does a Denture last before it needs to be replaced?

It depends on many factors. Acrylic dentures (stable) should be replaced before the expiry of 5 years. Sometimes this period is shorter or longer (in case of skeleton dentures). This depends mainly on how changed are the conditions in the mouth of the patient and the condition of the prosthesis. If more teeth are missing since the time of Denture installation, it is recommended to replace the prosthesis for a new one. The same goes for the repair of the old prosthesis. A denture can be also replaced due to hygienic reasons, because material from which it is made is not perfect and may absorb bacteria, which in turn can cause serious mucosa illnesses.

After Treatment:

First of all, you should make a habit of cleaning the denture after each meal. Ideally, if the denture is washed with a brush and toothpaste. For the removal of denture plate enzymatic cleaners can also be used. During the day, when there is no opportunity to use these measures, it is at least accurate to rinse the denture in running water. Removable dentures should be removed for night. Denture should be thoroughly washed and rinsed before putting it on.