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Hygiene Clean

Hygiene Clean

Treatment Description:

Why is Hygiene Clean necessary?

Deposits of tartar and plaque have a direct impact on the appearance and health of our teeth and gums. The plaque and tartar include pathogenic bacteria that cause gingivitis and periodontitis and tooth decay. The other ingredients are inorganic compounds of calcium and phosphorus. If we want our teeth and gums to remain healthy, we should systematically undergo professional hygiene cleaning. Hygiene cleaning is carried out by various methods.

What is scaling?

Scaling means removing plaque and tartar from the teeth using ultrasonic tools or hand instruments. Massive deposits of the tartar are removed by ultrasound and the deposits under the gum line are eliminated with hand-held instruments.




What is polishing?

After scaling, the surfaces of the teeth are being smoothed, using a special rubbers and brushes and toothpastes or polishes that contain fluoride hydroxyapatite (a component of tooth enamel). Polishing protects against the deposits of plaque, gives a sense of purity and freshness in the mouth.

What is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a procedure that removes dental tooth discoloration of external origin (tobacco, coffee, tea, some foods). A strong stream of water, air, and powder removes the stains and provides perfect smoothness of the teeth.

How does the tartar forms?

Discoloration of teeth occurs because of every day of drinking of coffee and smoking cigarettes. The tartar is deposited on the teeth due to diet, in which there are excessive amounts of carbohydrates and dairy products. They thicken the saliva, and it must be remembered that the composition of saliva has an impact on the formation of tartar. In addition, improperly treated teeth, malocclusion, and genetic disposition influence the accumulation of sediment on the teeth.

Does the Hygiene Cleaning in Kiev hurt?

Tartar removing treatment is not painful, although patients are exposed to some discomfort. Depending on the method used, there is also the possibility of a momentary irritation of the gums.

Treatment Time:

One visit lasts 30-60 minutes. The number of the appointments depend on individual case.

After Treatment:

You should not smoke, drink coffee and tea, 3 hours after the Hygiene Clean. The teeth are then deprived of the protective layer to protect against discoloration.