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Dentures with implants

Treatment Description:

What is an Implant?

An implant is nothing but an artificial tooth root made of titanium. The implant has approximately the size of a natural root. The number of installed implants does not have to be equal with the number of the missing teeth. We can install 2-4 implants and they will form a solid, stable base for a denture or a bridge.

How does the Implantation look like?

The procedure itself is two-step- first a hole in the bone is drilled, then the implant is screwed into and the operating field is closed. During the circa next 4 months the implant gets "adopted". There is so-called Osseointegration, the fusion of the implant with the bone. This step ensures long-term implant maintenance. After the formation of such a solid base, we can begin the second stage - taking impressions and reconstruction of the missing teeth.




What is an Implant- Retained Denture?

It is simply a fixed prosthesis on implants, which fuses firmly in the jaw. They are responsible for the stable setting of the prosthesis.

Does the Implantation hurt?

The insertion of the implant is not painful, and performed under anesthetic, such as during tooth extraction. The only sensation is light vibration during drilling of the bone.

How will the Denture be attached to the jaws?

In the front part of a jaw, under local anesthetic, four implants will be placed. Prosthesis will be fitted with special connectors, which are screwed to the implants.

How long will the implants last?

Using proper oral hygiene and regular control of the implantation places after the surgery, you will be able to enjoy the comfort of the prosthesis for a very long time.

Treatment Time:

First Visit: implant placement


Second Visit: taking impressions

Third Visit: Denture installation

After Treatment:

The fixed prosthesis should be worn continuously for two weeks. During this time the patient is asked to eat only soft foods and avoid exercising.