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Treatment Description:

What is an Implant?

Dental titanium implants replace your lost teeth roots usually because of injuries, decay or periodontitis. Dental implants screwed into the bone become a modern and durable form of prosthetic reconstruction. Dental implants abroad can also be used to better stabilize dentures. A high percentage of successful treatments, more than 95%, means that implants are of increasing interest of patients.

Does the Implant placement hurt?

The surgery is performed under local anesthesia, the patient feels no pain.

For how long will I be left without my teeth?

You will not be left without teeth, since the temporary crown/denture will be installed for the healing process.


What are the advantages of Implants?

The biggest advantage of implants is their durability and ease of use. Implants owe their properties chiefly to the fact that they transfer chewing forces on the jawbone, as on the case of natural teeth.

Are there any contradictions against dental Implants?

Contraindications against dental implants are associated with the general state of health - including severe diseases, cancers, weakened immune system and factors associated with the state of teeth - such as poor oral hygiene, caries, insufficient quantity of bone. Some of these factors completely disqualify a patient but others can be dealt with.

Are Implants better than the natural teeth?

Of course - not! Remember that despite the progress in the field of implantology, implants still allow you to gain comfort and features only on a similar level to the natural, healthy teeth. Implants are definitely the best and most convenient way of filling gaps after teeth loss.

In conclusion - as long as you can, fight for your own teeth. When you start to lose them or when their condition is deteriorating more and more, reflect on the implants. Consider also dental implants in Poland.


Treatment Time:

First Visit: installation of implants

Sutures removal after 10 days

Osseointegration process: 3-6 months

Second Visit: permanent crowns placement

When a patient requires Bone Reconstruction, the implants can be installed after 4-6 months after the reconstruction procedure.
After Treatment:

Avoid hot drinks and do not eat until the anesthetic completely wears off or longer if your doctor advises, avoid alcohol, nicotine, coffee, black tea and fresh dairy products for 3 days after the surgery, do not smoke cigarette best for seven weeks. Avoid physical exertion for the first week after the surgery, do not brush the implant for 10 days, do not rinse the place for 8 hours, as this may cause bleeding, start rinsing with fluid containing chlorhexidine on the third day after surgery three times a day.