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Root Canal Treatment

Treatment Description:

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal Treatment is a basic procedure performed in the field of Endodontics (diagnosis and treatment of diseases of tooth pulp).

When is Root Canal Treatment needed?

Endodontic treatment is recommended for very deep cavities with pulp necrosis after fracture or dislocation of a tooth. It is also performed before installation of a crown or a bridge.

Why should I decide on Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment in Ukraine is cheaper and less invasive than extraction of a damaged tooth and replacing it with a bridge or an dental implant. Properly cured tooth remains in the mouth for a long time and gives no side effects.




How does the treatment look like?

The doctor opens the chamber of the tooth and removes the dead or the living pulp (the living one is removed under local anesthesia). After careful cleaning and the unveiling of the canals, the doctor begins to work with a microscope. A tooth has from one to three canals, but sometimes it happens that their number reaches six. Developed canal is abundantly washed (disinfected). During working on the canals, the pulp is completely removed along with the bacterial toxins, so that the widened and drained canal is adequately prepared to fill.

Treatment Time:

Treatment time depends on the number of canals in the treated tooth. usually it takes one visit. In case of installation of Crowns or posts, at least 2 visits are required.