Dentist Ukraine

Step 1 Contact Dentist Ukraine

You have a few ways of contacting Dentist Ukraine: emial, skype, chat, telephone.

Step 2 Prepare your dental condition details

Inform our consultant about any dental problems you have. If you possess an x-ray of your oral cavity, enclose it in your message. The more details you provide, the better solution we can find to your problems. We will contact our dentists in Ukraine and prepare an initial treatment plan for you including costs and time scope.

Step 3 Book your flight and accommodation

To find the most affordable air connections use our website Travel. Find a hotel (you can also choose from our recommended accommodation) and choose the dates of your arrival. If you need any assistance to perform this, contact our consultant.

Step 4 Confirm your appointment

Let us know about the exact dates of your arrival and inform our consultant what appointment date suits you. We will contact the clinic and provide you with the details of your appointment.

Step 5 Come to Ukraine

The last step is your arrival in Ukraine.