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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Treatment Description:

What effects of the Teeth Whitening can I expect?

Whitening effect depends largely on the intensity and the type and the source of discoloration. Talk to your dentist about your expectations and help him/her in choosing an appropriate whitening program, tailored to your needs.

Can anybody be a candidate for professional Teeth Whitening?

Almost everybody can have their teeth professionally whitened. Those who should not undergo whitening treatment are patients with considerable damage of the enamel (it should be assessed by a dentist), pregnant and nursing women, and patients under 16 years of age.

Does the Teeth Whitening in Ukraine hurt?

Usually the treatment is completely painless. Only in rare cases delicate sensitivity during or after the surgery may appear. The sensitivity may last up to 24 hours, but usually it takes 3-4 hours after the surgery.




Will the Teeth Whitening whiten my crowns and fillings?

No, it will not. No whitening method will change the color of your false teeth and fillings. So the best would be to change your fillings or crowns after the teeth whitening procedure, and match their color to the teeth.

How should I prepare myself for the Whitening in Kiev?

It is recommended to remove tartar and plaque a week before the teeth whitening. To strengthen your teeth, fluoride can be also applied.

Why is professional whitening better than the whitening toothpastes and home methods of whitening?

There are many ways of teeth whitening. Some people act very foolishly, trying to whiten their teeth in a very cheap but also dangerous to the enamel way (eg, baking soda, salt, charcoal or lemon.) In the dentist's office, a whitening treatment is completely safe and controlled by a professional. The whitening methods available on the market do not ensure the same effects as the professional whitening and it is not effective in all case of discoloration.

After Treatment:

To make the effects of the whitening long lasting, maintain the "white diet" for 48 hours, meaning that you should not eat staining food and drink. The principle is simple: anything that can stain a white shirt, should be eliminated for 48 hours after the whitening. During this time you should also avoid smoking cigarettes. Many dentists recommend the white diet for a week after the treatment. To maintain the whitening effect, you can use whitening toothpaste for daily oral care.