Dentist Ukraine


"My experience with dental clinic in Kiev was truly awesome and delivered more than I expected. The dental office staff were great, professional and efficient. And the cost of services was affordable to me. The implants were done as well as an extraction when I was sedated. I will visit Ukraine in several months to finish the implants. I will definitely have all my dental procedures done there. I love these dentists. I was really depressive about my teeth and now I am excited to be able to order implants and surgery at quite affordable price and with a decent quality. I will recommend the clinic to anyone in need of a dental work. Thank you so much!"

Helen S., Germany

"I would like to tell you that I am happy with this medical trip experience and overall dental arrangements. My experience was quite good. Staff spoke English and a little German, but it was no problem at all. Office and everything was very clean. Staff was all professional, and made me comfortable about what was happening."

Ada N., Austria

"Thank you for a great job! I am very satisfied with dental implants as now I have such an excellent smile. Everything went smoothly and in a very professional manner."

Kjeld, Norway

"I just wanted to tell you how right was my decision to have my teeth done in Ukraine. The facilities at dental clinic in Kiev are world class and the doctors are professional. I probably could not have expected better results in Germany as I have received in Ukraine. In fact, the service I received was more personal. The clinic definitely selects top professional dentists. Thank you for your help in arranging everything."

Bernard S., Germany

"Dental clinic in Kiev provided a great service, everything went very smoothly. Services of arranged dentist, apartment and airport transfer - all good. Communication via email was first class. Everything was as agreed beforehand. Most importantly, the dentist did a great job at a very affordable price! Thanks again for all your help. Will see you again."


"I will definitely visit them again! Overall the treatment was very good. Initially, I was unhappy with USD and Euro exchange rates, but they refunded me and I re-paid in Euro which I got for $15 less. But all in all, Dental Clinic in Odessa has been great! My teeth are a lot better than before. I will definitely visit them again for any future treatments, but I'll pay in Euro."

Yasmin H.