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Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

Treatment Description:

What is Tooth Extraction:

The essence of removing a tooth is to separate it from the surrounding and taking out of the dental alveolus. Medical skills and cooperation with the patient allow for the correct execution of the surgery and prevent the complications. Note, however, that tooth extraction is the last resort, and we make every effort to prevent this from happening, using the latest innovations in medicine.

What is a Surgical Tooth Extraction?

This type of extraction is reserved primarily for the stuck tooth roots and unerupted teeth. Retained tooth is a tooth that in spite of the completed development is still not cut (may be completely invisible in the mouth or partially visible). This problem often relates to wisdom teeth. Surgical tooth removal is a more complicated procedure and requires more time than the standard extraction.




Do I have to extract my wisdom teeth?

If your wisdom teeth are healthy and properly positioned in the dental arch and do not cause difficulties in cleaning nor cause pain, you should not remove them - unless there are some other reasons, such as orthodontics. Wisdom teeth should be extracted in the following cases:
- inadequacy of the bite
- recurrent inflammation
- lack of space in the dental arch
- some diseases such as purulent inflammation of pulp and pulp gangrene
- bone pocket outside the crown of the tooth
- pressure on the adjacent tooth
- cyst around the crown of impacted tooth (visible on X-rays)
- neuralgia due to compressive stress of the tooth on the nerve

How does the Tooth Extraction look like?

The surgery is performed under anaesthesia. The dentists will loosen the tooth by its deflection from side to side or by turning the tooth. After that, the tooth can be easily removed.

Are there any side effects involved?

Possible complications after tooth extraction may be: weak blood clotting and delayed bleeding (after a few hours or days). Possible causes:
- reduced blood clotting in conjunction with certain medication
- disease characterized by impaired blood clotting (hemophilia)
- high blood pressure (hypertension)

Treatment Time:

Standard Extraction: 30-60 minutes

Surgical Extraction may require more time.

After Treatment:

Do not eat or drink for 2 hours after the extraction. On the same time, eat only liquid, not very hot food, do not rinse your mouth or smoke. In case of pain, use pain killers available on the market.